Rude Moving: What NOT to do when moving with Friends

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Fast shipmentIf you’ve never moved before, it may be surprising to know that there is quite a large book of moving etiquette that really needs to be followed. With a host of unwritten rules, things that you “should just know” to do, and an entire dictionary of gestures that have to be made, moving with friends’ help—especially friends who aren’t really close—can be a veritable mine field that could end up causing major arguments if not done correctly.

I know this because I have been on the receiving end of extremely rude behavior that, frankly, has made me never want to help someone move again. After all, without rules, we are just animals, and without moving rules…well, I’m just going to get really pissed. In any case, if you are enlisting your friends to help you move, here is a list of things you need to avoid (or to do) to ensure the moving experience goes smoothly.

1. Don’t: Forget the Pizza

Yeah, I know moving can be expensive, and maybe you’re not in the best place financially. But, you seriously need to at least offer people something for their time, if only to show your gratitude. No one wants to wake up early in the morning, work in the hot sun, and carry couches around, only to be greeted with what basically amounts to a slap in the face! Make sure your friends know they’re appreciated, and make absolute positive that you provide some sort of sustenance so people don’t pass out on the job. It’s just rude not to (and slightly dangerous, if you live in Arizona that is.)

2. Don’t: Forget to Pack up the Small Things

This might just be a pet peeve for me, but it is definitely something to take into consideration. Unless you specifically asked them to, your friends are not there to help you pack—they are there to put things into the truck and take them out upon their destination. If they show up to a house full of utensils, toys, books, etc., some are bound to walk out while others will—at the very least—call you out.

Trust me; I’ve been in this situation, and it’s probably the worst situation ever! Packing takes the lion share of the time, and moving takes twice as long as a result. So, pack up beforehand, and make sure the process is streamlined! Your friends will certainly appreciate it.

3. Do: Offer Compensation

Kind of in line with the pizza bit above, compensation should be something you offer at the end of every day—even if you can’t truly afford it. Again, moving is extremely hard effort, and takes a lot of time out of people’s day that would be otherwise occupied with relaxation, or even work! This type of obligation requires some sort of payment, or at least the prospect of payment (if your friends are nice and don’t accept it), so make sure you at least offer a few bucks, a beer, or something.

When all is said and done, pizza might be enough—particularly if there are a lot of people; however, if you only have one or two people helping out, you might want to give some money in addition. It will make the move more worth their time, and make their time seem appreciated by you.

4. Do: Get a Moving Truck

Unless you have a) a small one room apartment, b) a whole bunch of friends with trucks, or c) a Tardis/a bag of holding (eh, eh?), you absolutely need a moving truck. I know it can get expensive, and I know that it’s a hassle, but nothing is worse than having to take 50 trips to finish the moving expedition. It wastes time, gas, and—most importantly—the patience of your friends. Though you might be ready to spend all day moving to avoid paying that 50 dollars, your friends are not; keep that in mind before you “accidentally” forget to order the Uhaul.

In the end, you want to end moving day with as many friends left as possible. Following these tips may just help you end it with all of them.

This blog post was written by Tyler Fleck, on the behalf of EZ Move. If you’re looking for Tucson Movers, or if you need more information about moving, visit that link. Thanks for reading!

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