Imagination with a craze; DESIGNS that amaze!

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Drawing, painting, colouring, doing on paper what you want to do and as you like it; this is what Free-Hand drawing was as per what our Arts tutor told us in the earlier days. And as we grew up we got to know that not only is the imagination directly involved with the way we interact with people, but also with what we say, hear, and do with our bodies. In simpler words, it is everything that goes around us; because as per psychology, our surroundings are an indirect result of our actions! And our actions are directly in connection with what we perceive through our surroundings. A bit too confusing isn’t it? Let us dig in a bit deeper shall we!


Becoming an architect after studying psychology is not as easy task as you are the one with all the questions in your lecture room when everybody else is quiet and amazed looking at what you have to say today!


Picture this: My teacher is describing how the ground has to be analysed before the actual construction plans could be started, like the topography being uneven or the landscape area has to be excavated. Or at times the designing of the interior looks of houses was being discussed in the class-room; instead my questions went all haphazard and were constantly in connection with psychology! I cannot tell you what happened after the third time I kept on asking irrelevant questions while my teacher kept describing how I was wrong. Actually PERCEPTION was the concept we mostly disagreed in.


What can we see inside a small frame of 12 inch by 12 inch? It totally depends upon what feelings rise up when we give it a thorough look; the picture only describes some patterns. But it is our mind which processes all the thoughts and ideas. So I guess my teacher was always right and I hope she is reading this!


Anyway, a good designing inside a room can have a number of different approaches depending on how you want the viewers to analyse your creation. A free standing display shelf can be used for the purpose of decoration plus usage. A wall hung piece of art can be ordered as well for a book case may be, with lots of book shelves yet an exclusive outlook that is unique too. One of my ideas that I implemented in my own house as well was to make a map on the wall, but using wood carvings for the purpose; and the main aim was to be able to put some textbooks inside of it with ease, as I please! I was not able to capture my own shelf as it is a bit used now, but I found this snap from Bing which intrigued me a lot and can easily be used as an example by anybody.


You can shape some maps, snaps, cars, or even artistically illuminated drawings for the same purpose. My personal favourite however stays the pyramid-like shape that I gifted my sister last year; it resembles the ironic pyramids of Egypt!

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The author is an enthusiast in artistic free standing display shelves and paintings. Interior decoration has been a personal favourite since many years hence whether it is free standing display shelves or wall mounted book shelves, every art work is commendable!


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