How to find the Best Wedding Venues

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choosing-wedding-venuesThere is no use of looking at hundreds of wedding venues unless and until you know your requirements. Here are few things that will help you in selecting your wedding venue.

  • Involve you partner, your other half, in deciding the kind of venue you require for the wedding. You should ask him about his likes and dislikes and the kind of wedding he wants. Your partner might have different ideas in his mind that you might have missed. Decide on the kind of wedding you have in your mind, an elegant country house, a formal classic style, contemporary barn wedding, a relaxed or a summer wedding in marquee, and search for more ideas from wedding magazines and online portals.
  • Prior decision should be taken about the kind of ceremony you want whether a church wedding or a civil ceremony. This will help you a lot in limiting your choices of wedding venue. In addition, your wedding reception should be ideally within the radius of 5Kms from the wedding venue.
  • Budget is the most essential part of any wedding planning. Once you have worked out on your budget, you can make a list of the potential wedding venues available in the decided budget. Maximum money goes in alcohol and catering, so just make sure both the things are included in your budget while calculating.
  • Guests are the most important part of your wedding celebration. Therefore, you will have to keep in mind the guests who are travelling from far especially to attend your special day. If you want to save yourself from unwanted expenses like accommodations and travel, you should book the venue that is easily reach of your guest. Prepare a guest list so that you have an idea about the total number of people invited and can accordingly book the venue.
  • Once the wedding date is decided then you should check with the availability of date. In addition, if you are flexible with your dates, month and season of year then you will be entitled to more option of venues.
  • You can always seek the advice of an expert. You can search on various websites, as they will provide you complete information on various venues. Some of them will even have pictures, which will be helpful in making your decision. You can also seek services of venue finding and they will provide you complete assistance from searching to booking of venue. If you hire a wedding planner then you just need to tell them your requirements and they will do the rest of work.
  • Parking should be ample and legal. It can be a parking lot, an empty space, wide road in front or big garage. If parking is a problem then you should find some other way to bring your guests to the wedding venue. You can think of hiring a van or shuttle bus from the place of parking to the venue.
  • Drinking, eating and parking area should be big enough to accommodate all your guests. Stampede should not take place while eating or drinking. There should be enough space to dance, talk, drink and enjoy the party. Also, keep the view of the complete place in mind whether is there are any obstructions or columns in between.

Make use of the above points to choose the perfect wedding venues for your special day.


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