Easy fit solutions to keep you safe at home

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There is no substitute for independence. It is something that can become more difficult to maintain in later years, but there is plenty of advice available for those with the health and determination to do so. There are practical measures as well as a few words of advice you can take to ensure you live in a safe environment.


A personal home alarm provides peace of mind. Image: Ann

The advice includes the safe use of things such as electric blankets and fire prevention issues in general. If you follow some simple steps, the chances of fire are greatly reduced. Utilities such as gas and electric are essential to create a comfortable environment. Your suppliers are always available with advice. The Fire Brigade is also very proactive.

A sympathetic ear

In addition, and perhaps most importantly, there are bodies that concentrate solely on those in later life and they cover every aspect of life that may concern you. That includes all matters relating to health, money, travel and security. You can get help on just about everything you need and that includes apersonal home alarm. Alarms that are visible to passers by generally deter an intruder. Personal alarms which you can have with you anywhere in your home or garden are certainly effective. You can wear them on your wrist or around your neck; the choice is yours, and they will not impede you in any way.

Home safety is an issue for all age groups, but it is perhaps in later life when people feel most vulnerable. You are unlikely to be as strong and mobile as you once were. It is a fact of life, but not something that should lead to sleepless nights. You can make sure your home is properly secured with good locks on doors and windows and consult the crime prevention service if you have any doubts.

Available 24/7

Portable alarms are useful to have when you are at home. They provide a 24 hour service, 7 days a week. They have a simple button you can press to send a message to the base unit attached to your telephone line near your telephone. That in turn sends a message down the line to a 24 hour emergency response centre that can get help for you.

Help will come from either a nominated key holder (friend or relative) or if it’s more serious, the emergency services. If the emergency response centre has your background medical details, the people en route will be prepared for any medical emergency you may have. They will gain access with one of your nominated key holders, who will have been called at the same time. Ideally one of your nominations will be close at hand; a neighbour is certainly a good choice.

Enjoy life

Everyone looks for a good quality of life, and that can best be enjoyed if you can maintain your independence. It helps to have a family that cares for you and neighbours that look out for your welfare. Simple precautions you can take around the home will give you peace of mind. You should also think about contacting someone with a proven interest in your age group to see if they have any further advice. It is certain they will have someone willing to talk; and possibly a local branch, if you are more comfortable sitting and talking one to one rather than over the phone. There is certainly help and advice at hand.



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