Eastbourne’s Enduring Environment

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Eastbourne is a real mix. As a holiday resort on the South Coast it has been a favourite with many people for years. Some decide to retire to this seaside town. There are people who want to get away from the centre of London but depend on the city for their livelihood. Daily commuting has its compensations; houses are cheaper away from the capital and life is much more sedate at the weekends. The locals, who keep the local services and indeed economy in general going, also make up a population with housing needs. It is a thriving environment.

Housing support

The good news is that the Town Council in association with one of the UK’s leading banks have launched a scheme similar to the government’s ‘Right to Buy’ scheme. First time buyers are able to get a subsidy if they have 5% deposit so that they only require a 75% mortgage on their purchase. Lenders therefore have more security and borrowers are more able to afford to get on the property ladder. Eastbourne has launched a small scale scheme, ‘Local Help to Buy’ along similar lines and with property prices rising, this is just the time for first time buyers to invest.


There are no such schemes for people currently owning a property, but at least the schemes that help the bottom end of the market provide some support to property right through the price ranges. Towns such as Eastbourne should always be a good property investment because of their location. The important thing is to buy wisely and to maintain any property in good condition.


Perhaps you are happy where you are but think your home is in need of a little renovation? Older homes may still have wooden doors and windows. They need regular maintenance; in contrast there are UPVC doors and windows that are maintenance free and certainly more durable than wood. If you are thinking about improving your home in this way there will be no charge in making an enquiry to see what is available. If you contact a local supplier, you will see the quality of replacement windows and doors in Eastbourne and the costs involved in buying.


You will want to be certain of the quality of what you are buying and a good supplier should be able to demonstrate its record for providing an excellent product. You don’t want to spend money and find that you are unhappy with the job. A good supplier will also provide installation support for doors and windows and you can get everything made specifically for you.

Eastbourne is a nice place to live. It is a mix of young and old people, and property from apartments to family homes. Youngsters can live their lives in the town moving up the property ladder from the bottom. As long as they look after their investment, they can build up a nice little asset over time.

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Source: http://www.itv.com/news/meridian/update/2014-01-30/new-scheme-to-help-first-time-buyers-in-eastbourne/

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