A Winning Strategy for Redecorating Your Home

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When it comes to redecorating your home, there are a number of key points that have to be considered. Approaching the problem methodically and using a clear strategy to ensure that all factors are considered in the right order is a great way to ensure that your newly-designed home ends up looking just the way you want.

Start With an Idea

Many people who come to redecorate make the mistake of improvising as they go along. They pick out paint colours, carpets and curtains individually and don’t know what they expect the final result to look like until near the end of the process. This approach is not necessarily bad and can work for some people, but most will find they have better results if they start off by forming an idea. Do you want to create a light, airy room or a warm, intimate one? Books, interior design magazines and the internet are all great sources of inspiration. Browse through examples in these places to find something you think would fit into your home. You don’t have to follow them strictly, but rather use them as a general guide.

The Room Itself


Before you really think about what you will put into the room, it is best to start by making decisions about the room itself. These are the broad strokes on which you will later add the finer details of furniture and ornaments. Pick paint colours, carpets and curtains that fit with your original idea and will also be designed to coordinate with each other. It is a good idea to get tester pots of paint rather than choosing right there in the shop, as they can look very different in the room itself. Leave them there a full day to see how the colours look in different light conditions. You can also take the empty pots with you when choosing things like carpets to better see how the colours go together.


It is usually best to start with big things and then work down to progressively smaller details. On this scale, the next step will usually be furniture. While there are certainly advantages to seeing furniture in person, it might well be worth shopping online. Websites such as www.forrestfurnishing.co.uk will stock a range of very high-quality furniture in a variety of styles. Shopping online is easy, and allows you to browse items while sitting in the room they will go into. This will make it easy to compare the item’s photograph with the rest of the room and picture how it will look in place.

Ornaments and Decorative Items

The final step is to choose which decorative items and ornaments will go into the room. It is important not to make the room too cluttered, so the best idea is usually to take a minimalist approach. The type of items you want will very much depend on the style of your room. Antiques and pictures of traditional art prints will often be at home, but modern art and more abstract ornaments may be called for in rooms with a more contemporary feel.



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