4 Ways to Increase Your Storage Space

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If you need extra storage space, adding a shed to your home is the most common way to solve this problem. Sheds and storage structures are ideal in that they can provide shelter for your belongings without being too expensive to put up. Sheds are easy to build but if you’re not the handyman type, they will not cost you that much money to have built compared to other types of storage options. Four of the most common types of sheds and storage units include carports, patios, garages and sheds. We will go over the differences between each below.



Carports are basically open garages. They have beams for support and a roof to protect the cars; however, they normally do not have walls surrounding them or a floor underneath. The main use of a carport is to protect the car from harsh weather conditions such as rain or snow. The absence of walls and floors means the carport will be easy to build and will not cost very much compared to a garage.

The savings comes from the lack of materials that will be required compare to other structures because there are no walls or floors. Carports can be obtained at very affordable prices. The downside of a carport is that they are not ideal for storing anything besides cars. With no protection, storing items in a carport can put them at risk for theft.


A garage is a safer and more expensive version of a carport. The main use of a garage is to store cars, however, they have many other uses such as workshops or storing other items. A garage will normally have large doors which will allow a car to pass in and out. You can lock a garage shut which means anything that you store in there will remain safe. A garage is the most expensive of the storage options that we will go over today.


A shed is a more cost effective alternative to a garage. Like a garage, they are able to be locked up and can store of your items safely, however, they are generally not made for automobiles. They usually don’t have doors large enough to accommodate a car. Sheds are ideal for storing equipment and can be used as a workspace. Those are the most common reasons as to why homeowners obtain sheds. They have thin walls, usually made from wood or aluminum. This helps keep the cost of a shed down.


A patio is open like a carport but will have a cement or wooden floor and is used by people. They usually have a roof which will provide shade and protection from the elements. A patio is ieal for hosting BBQ’s or relaxing outdoors.

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